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The ADS Agency Podcast is here to bring you the very best in marketing and branding tips as well as business tips for the aspiring entrepreneur, that small business owner who doesn't have anyone on staff in marketing yet and also the career professional who wants to work on building up their personal brand. Thanks so much for joining us! We look forward to chatting with you.



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Aug 21, 2018

As our "YouTube Friend" Roberto Blake says, learning YouTube is like learning how to play a musical instrument. For real businesses and solopreneurs who are already so stretched for time, it can be a real challenge to try to learn how to win at the game, to learn and practice the art, etc. Here's our story of how The ADS Agency - a real business just like yours - was able to get to 200 subscribers in pretty much 5 months. We listened to the likes of Sean Cannell, TIm Schmoyer, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Roberto Blake, Derral Eves, Pat Flynn and others to learn the best tips we could on how to learn this YouTube game. Now you can extract the best from all of them in this video where we explain 10 of our best tips for what's really worked for us - plus a few bonus ones we're going to try out to help us get to 250 and 300 (maybe even ultimately 1000 subscribers)! So stay in this journey with us. It's going to get even more interesting!

OUR QUICK YOUTUBE STORY: When we first started out, we weren't on YouTube to win any kind of YouTube game. We were USING YouTube just to create caption files for our Facebook Live videos we were doing once a month starting around May last year (2017). We read a hack where you could rip your live video from FB, transfer it to YouTube, manually insert your captions there and then take the SRT file, rename it and upload that back to your FB live video - all so that your FB live video could have captions and people might watch it longer than 7 seconds! That was really our only purpose for being here.

Granted, now I think you can do the same thing on Facebook, but we're so glad we were forced to use this YouTube platform. So at the time, we were only using Facebook live for about a month at a time. You can see where we pretty much only uploaded a video a month up until December last year. At that point we decided - we'd really prefer a custom URL for our account! And that started the rabbit hole journey of figuring out the world and craft of YouTube.

OUR 10 TIPS: These are the tips we elaborate on in our video

1. Verify your channel

2. Brand your channel

3. Be consistent

4. Invest in decent equipment

5. Pay attention to your background

6. Editing

7. Optimize your videos

8. Optimize your channel

9. Leverage your audience

10. Tips we haven't tried yet (but will to get to 300+ subscribers).