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The ADS Agency Podcast is here to bring you the very best in marketing and branding tips as well as business tips for the aspiring entrepreneur, that small business owner who doesn't have anyone on staff in marketing yet and also the career professional who wants to work on building up their personal brand. Thanks so much for joining us! We look forward to chatting with you.



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Oct 30, 2019

Got some brand changes to make? Some upgrades, updates, refreshes? Maybe it's to your website, or (as is the case with my current pilot course students) your Instagram branding. When you have changes to make to your imagery, messaging, etc. - you are in effect changing your brand. One student asked: how can you...

Oct 23, 2019

We all know being in business is not for the faint at heart. Each and every year presents its own new challenges to overcome, hurdles to face, roadblocks to figure out and celebrations along the way. We're pausing for a celebration and reflection moment since it's our 3 Year Anniversary of being in business. Here are...

Oct 17, 2019

While there are many things you probably shouldn't do on Instagram, these are the two that bother us the most: (A) feeling like you have to put your logo on EVERYthing and (B) something I call Telephone Pole Syndrome. Check out this video to learn more about what those are and how to avoid both.

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