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Jun 7, 2019

Ever heard of the Hope Global Forums? If not, this is the perfect time to learn about it. Do NOT miss this next year! Here's three fun and quick convos with participants - 2 of whom are first-timers (just like me) and one whose been to EVERY one since they started nearly a decade ago. Amazing!! Plus, we included star-power snippets from some of the celebrities who graced the stage at the event with Hope Global Forums founder John Hope Bryant. [ Plus, we throw in some bonus admirable points on branding and experience about the event - for you event planners out there ]. Check out our lineup of interviews and snippets below:

  • 4:16 Jay Hicks, Global Asset Development - first-timer at HGF
  • 8:08 Laura Sims, Operation Hope - first-timer at HGF
  • 13:35 Tony Ressler, Atlanta Hawks Owner
  • 14:36 Judy J. Chapa, Chapa Consulting - experienced HGF attendee interviews ME about ADS!
  • 27:03 Jack Dorsey, CEO & Co-Founder of both Square & Twitter
  • 33:01 My takeaways on Jack Dorsey's daily 5 miles

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