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The ADS Agency Podcast is here to bring you the very best in marketing and branding tips as well as business tips for the aspiring entrepreneur, that small business owner who doesn't have anyone on staff in marketing yet and also the career professional who wants to work on building up their personal brand. Thanks so much for joining us! We look forward to chatting with you.



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Mar 6, 2021

Download our Clubhouse Moderating Quick Guide here:

Moderating rooms on Clubhouse requires some new skills for a lot of people. It's a bit like moderating panels on stage in real life at say a conference, but there are many other nuances that are quite different being that it's an audio-only app you're using. Jump to these time stamps below to learn more about the nuances of moderating rooms on Clubhouse so you can run your own rooms like a pro! See you on Clubhouse! - Andrea @MissADS08

  • 1:27​ – No. 1 - The Goal of Moderating on Clubhouse (Dinner Party Analogy)
  • 4:41​ – No. 2 - Educating Your Audience (plus sign, raising your hand, muting your mic, time limits, etc.)
  • 4:56​ – Watch Video 1 on the Basics of Clubhouse:
  • No. 3 - Back Channels / Backstage Area for Rooms 8:25​ 
  • No. 4 - Prep Your Tips & Speaker Prompt Questions 10:11​ 
  • No. 5 - PTR | PTR Order (speaker queue / speaker lineup) 13:07
  • No. 6 - The Mechanics (bringing people up on stage, taking people back down to the audience, muting people, etc.) 15:46
  • No. 7 - My thoughts on "Follow all the moderators" (and what to say instead) 18:45
  • No. 8 - Acknowledging people's comments (don't just say "next!") 21:03
  • No. 9 - The Art of Interrupting on Clubhouse 25:59
  • No. 10 - Closing the Room (including turning off hand-raising) 28:18
  • BONUS: Reset the room

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